SPECIAL offer - Come and try a Trial Class  for only $10

Are you feeling stressed?

Finding it hard to relax or having some down time?

Are you Anxious or in pain?

or Do you just need some "ME" time to be nurtured and cared for?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions then       THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

​​Deep Releasing and Relaxing Yoga Class

Thursday evenings 6.30pm- 7.45pm

Deeply Releasing, Relaxing and Healing Yoga Class

This Class is an opportunity for the whole nurturing experience, Body, Mind and Spirit.

The class begins with Mindfulness meditation to assist centring you to the present moment, then we transition to the floor for deep releasing, stretching postures where we hold the postures for longer than normal supported beautifully by Bolsters, pillows, blocks and ropes allowing the body time to really release deeply, restore and rejuvenate about 90% of the postures are done on the floor with the occasionally standing posture. During the postures you will have the option to receive hands on assistance and occasional massage and Reiki healing.

We culminate the class with a long deeply relaxing and healing Savasana and Body Scan with everyone receiving a group Reconnective healing.

This Class is perfect for beginners and people for of any level.

The studio is set in the picturesque Mitcham overlooking a beautiful healing garden with a view of The Dandenong’s, this boutique style environment is perfect to support and practice the skills that yoga and meditation have to offer.