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Our Philosophy

We believe that Mindfulness is a natural, intuitive ability that you already possess, when you begin to understand the Science of the mind (neuroscience) and cultivate the Art of Mindfulness (techniques) we are confident that you will recognise that you have always had the ability to "Pay attention in the present moment."

It often takes time to develop a mindful attitude. It's a skill that comes to you with practice and leads to a balance of awareness and serenity.

You can compare having a mindful attitude to tuning a musical instrument - it happens slowly, but the result can lead to something incredible.

What is a little more challenging but not impossible is to cultivate our ability for acceptance (serenity) in the present moment. When you drop your resistance to what is happening at any given time you gain clarity and serenity.

When you gain clarity then and only then do you truly have choice!  We have found that Mindfulness and Meditation practice is the most effective tool to ease suffering.

Another exceptional tool to access and harness the power of the mind is with Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy enables us to assist you to release old outmoded habits and limiting beliefs and install new life enhancing and embracing attitudes and habits.

Hypnotherapy is safe and effective and it address the underlying causes of any physical or emotional issues. It reprograms the mind to assist you to move toward achieving your heart desired goals.

The practice of Yoga is a wonderful way to cultivate mindfulness through movement, with so many other benefits as well, learning how to deeply relax while staying alert, stretching muscles where they are tight and sore, building strength in the body where there is weakness, building strong bones using your own body weight and cultivating balance something that we unfortunately lose with time.

It is important to us that you don't believe us blindly, we want to offer you the tools and skills to assist you to cultivate mindful attitudes in your life and then encourage you to work out what is right for you!

Meet the Team

Our team works hard to ensure that you have a safe, warm comfortable  space for you to come and learn and practice  the science and art of Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga .

Our studio is set in the picturesque Mitcham overlooking a beautiful healing garden ( you will see pictures of the garden dotted through this web site) with a view of The Dandenong’s, this boutique style environment is perfect to support and practice the skills that yoga and meditation have to offer.


Karen Bradford

Founder, Principal Yoga and Meditation Teacher & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Karen’s passion is to help people who are feeling anxious, stressed, lacking self-esteem or just feeling lost, to understand and then access the untapped power of the mind and heart to transform their lives and create peace, happiness and purpose. To improve their life experience and find joy in all that they do.

Karen, a long-time meditator herself, will help you find relief from anxiety and social judgement, strengthening your confidence, finding stability, resilience and joy through meditation therapy, hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness and Yoga classes, courses and workshops/retreats.
Karen works with individuals, couples or groups .

Karen came to meditation, mindfulness and Yoga in 1994 when going through a very difficult time in her life. These practices had such a profoundly positive and extraordinary impact in her life that she wanted to share these skills with others. So in 2006, Karen studied to become a Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga teacher

Since then Karen has been running a successful Yoga and meditation business, facilitating Mindfulness courses locally and in the workplace.

Karen’s background in science (Registered Nurse) led her to explore and look for evidence-based mindfulness practice.

Karen has studied Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT),
Mindfulness Self Compassion Course Facilitation (with the Centre  MSC in the States),
Neuroscience for Health (with Dr Sarah Mackay)
Karen is a certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor (HeartMath Institute)

Karen has studied under and being Mentored by the world famous Hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood (The Australian Academy of Hypnosis), obtaining a:

  • Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy,
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and
  • Master Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mesmerism

Karen current favourite quote: "Fear does not prevent death, Fear prevents Life"


Sarah O'donnell

EFT Practitioner and Meditation Teacher 

Sarah is passionate about empowering others with tools to self manage their emotions and health through EFT and meditation. Sarah loves to work with families and educators to ensure that every child gets the best opportunity to thrive and flourish

Sarah began as a student of meditation in 2010. After trying many times to learn to meditate, she finally found a meditation teacher that she resonated with, and this was a life changing moment.
Sarah learnt a broad range of meditation techniques it allowed her to learn the skills needed to tame “her monkey mind” and to learn to lead a more mindful and happy life.

Sarah went on to become a meditation teacher and a certified EFT (emotional freedom techniques) practitioner.
Sarah also studied the 'Tuning Into Programs" (Kids and Teens) to become a facilitator. Sarah combines her education background and these Relationship based programs along with EFT and Meditation to work with families & educators, and those in leadership positions to manage stress, relationship building and development for children .

Sarah sits on the Advisory Board of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation and has acted as an emotional assistant for Lori Leyden's training in the Kimberley Region to empower the local indigenous community to work with trauma.

Trained in Early Childhood Education and having had a strong career in senior leadership.
Sarah also enjoys working with clients on managing stresses, anxiety, relationship issues, pain management, weight challenges and food cravings.
Overall though Sarah just loves seeing the results that she achieves with her clients If you would like to work with Sarah either individually or group facilitation, please feel free to give her a call 0408391304.

Melissa Beenham

Melissa Beenham

Yoga Teacher


Melissa believe yoga should be accessible to everyone who wants to give it a try. She is passionate about sharing the joy in moving gently or energetically and helping others find a little stillness in their busy lives

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