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Meditation Classes "Restoring your Nervous System" 8 weeks

8 MEDITATION CLASSES - LIVE at Natural Pathways 67 Percy St Mitcham


We will be exploring how to restore the nervous system. With stress, anxiety and depression being so prevalent in our society we will learn about the vagus nerve and how to influence the nervous system using meditations, mindfulness and other techniques that will be essential to calm the mind, relax the body and bring the emotions into balance. We will build on 4 main pillars:

  • Awareness- Which Is our ability to be open and curious coupled with improving our attention span to what is happening in this present moment. Understanding the nervous system in particularly the role of the Vagus nerve.
  • Acceptance- is an attitude of acceptance, curiosity and kindness. Recognising when we resist reality we put a huge load on our nervous system.
  • Relaxation- Learning how to relax deeply both your body and mind. The ability to access the Vagus nerve to relax the body is paramount to building vagal tone and resilience giving the body and mind an opportunity to heal.
  • Releasing- Acquiring the skills to be able to let go of those aspects in your life, conditioning and thought patterns that no longer serve you and are causing enormous strain on your whole nervous system .

    Each week:

  • We will build on your understanding of the Nervous system and how the body and mind responds to stress and anxiety. Particular focus on the role of the Vagus nerve and how we can access and influence it to quickly shift our state.
  • We will explore a variety of meditation practices that you can try out to see which work for you.
  • We will explore "bottom up" exercises which utilise our bodies to influence and calm the nervous system.
  • We will also experience "top down" techniques to learn how work with difficult thinking patterns and difficult challenging emotions.
  • Their will be opportunities to share experiences and ask questions.
  • We will explore the most recent research on the nervous system and its links to overwhelm, stress and anxiety which can lead to depression.
    You will gain an understanding of the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind.
    You will be introduced to self compassion, acceptance and how to release old unhelpful mental patterns.

    This course is for you;

  • If you are a beginner meditator or you have meditated before and would like to reconnect with your meditation practice.
  • If you want help to build a regular meditation practice but you don't know where to start.
  • If you are looking to experience less suffering and more peace and happiness but you can't switch off your mind.
  • If you want a face to face course, and feel connected with others who are going through something similar to you.
  • If what is happening in your life is no longer working for you and you are looking for a different way.
  • If you want to reduce suffering and anxiety.
  • If you've heard that it is possible to quieten and tame the monkey mind and you would like to know how.
  • If you would like to make your mind your friend instead of the nasty bully that it can be at times.
  • Maximum of 10 per class so you will get individual attention and have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered by your experienced Meditation Teacher.
    Dates: Wednesday Evenings 8.00pm-9.15pm Next class is Starting 2nd February for 8 weeks .
    This next course will be held at Mitcham or if we are still in lockdown online live via Zoom

    Venue: Natural Pathways - 65-67 Percy St, Mitcham 3132
    In the Studio.
    Investment: $150 for 8 weeks ($18.75pw) or drop in classes $22 are available if space allows

    If by chance the State gets closed down during the course due to COVID we will continue with the classes online.

    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Introductory Mindfulness Course - 4 weeks

    Over time and with regular practice, many people find that mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety and self-judgement and improves sleeping patterns. 

    This 4 week introductory course provides non-religious, practical mindfulness courses for absolute beginners and a revision for those who have learnt mindfulness before.

    This course includes 4 classes with an experienced mindfulness trainer, mindfulness app, downloadable guided mindfulness meditations for you to keep and a 45-page guidebook.

    To book this class you will be diverted to the Mindfulness Works Australia website click on course locations and choose Box Hill or Mitcham Click here 

    Cost: $145


    Find Ease, Enjoyment & Relief from Suffering

    Over this 8 week course using Meditation, Relaxation and Movement you will discover how you can find ease and enjoyment while releasing & experience relief from psychological suffering.

    Together we will explore, contemplate & discuss:

  • The inner workings of the conscious & unconscious mind.
  • What the ego is, the role of the ego and how it directly impacts your experience of suffering.
  • What quietening the mind means, is it possible and how to do it.
  • The journey to move from emotions such as anger, frustration, worry, anxiety & depression to ease, then enjoyment, then to love and appreciation.
  • The role of the heart on emotions, some of the new science around this and how to access & activate the hearts' enormous power.
  • The difference between suffering & pain. How to eradicate suffering & change your perception and experience of pain.
  • You will have the opportunity to explore how movement can shift your energy & change your mood (this will all be done in either sitting or standing positions).
  • What values are, what role values play in your life, who's values are you living by e.g. your families, societies, your cultures or your own!
  • How to uncover your own soul value then infuse it into your every day life.
  • Purpose - we will devote some time to the discussion of what purpose is and how you may find your purpose and how best you can serve the world.
  • Abundance - we will also spend some time exploring this topic and how the magic of simple enjoyment can attract abundance toward you. Is this true? Well, you will have the opportunity to test it out!
  • You will also add to your tool kit:

  • 6 beautiful meditations that will assist you to establish an ongoing practice.
  • 5 powerful mindfulness techniques to manage stressful situations to regain calm and feel in control.
  • 4 practical relaxation methods to relax the body and calm the mind.
  • 3 powerfully effective ways to use simple movement to ground, uplift and activate your energy.
  • Dates: Wednesday Evenings 8.00pm- 9.15pm
    Next course TBA.
    Venue: Natural Pathways - in the Studio - 65 Percy St, Mitcham, 3132 Victoria.
    Investment: $175

    If for any reason we go back into a lock down in Victoria the course will continue on Zoom.
    Due to current COVID restrictions this course will be limited to a Max of 10 attendees.