Mindfulness Courses

"When we learn to operate with mindful purpose we see things clearly.

We achieve more because we are focused on what matters, we get less distracted by things which aren’t on purpose and decisions come easily"

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace assist with improving the mental health of  our workforce.

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Yoga classes

​Classical Yoga classes include deep relaxation, warming up, limbering and classical yoga postures, practicing mindful breathing and meditation.

Build strength & stamina, Improve balance and flexibility, Become more mindful and learn how to relax deeply

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Mindfulness what is it?

Most people don't realise that mindfulness is a natural intrinsic ability that everyone has. In fact most people will be relatively mindful for approximately up to 50% of the time, this of course will differ from person to person.

Mindfulness is basically our ability to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, sensations in our body and what is going on around us at any given time. When we are paying attention to the present moment we are not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. With practice we begin to feel better, mindfulness does this by making the fight or flight part of our brain less reactive

Learning to be more mindful has many benefits, we learn how to be kinder toward ourselves as opposed to being critical or judgmental also research has shown benefits such as:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression
  • Increases our ability to be more resilient when we experience challenges
  • Enhances our ability to focus for longer, improving memory
  • Improves our performance when studying and working
  • Improving our relationships in both our personal and professional lives
  • It has also been shown to improve our overall wellbeing
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