Welcome to Perfectly Balanced Life, we are here to serve, lead and guide you, especially if you experience chronic stress and anxiety. We will show you how to restore and strengthen your nervous system naturally, so that you can have peace of mind, increased energy and focus and regain your enthusiasm and enjoyment for life.
We offer Mindfulness & Meditation classes /Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energetic Healing, and Yoga (both general and restorative).
Located in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Mitcham with a majestic view of the Dandenong's.
Our services are offered both online and in person.

Meditation Classes Wednesdays 8pm

Did you know that stress, trauma, anxiety and depression is prevalent in our society?

Almost half of Australians will have a mental health condition in their lifetime, with 3 million adults having anxiety and /or depression in any year.
By attending 'Restoring your nervous system Meditation classes' you will discover the secrets of the Vagus nerve and how to access its untapped power to calm the mind, relax the body and bring the emotions into balance.
We are here to offer you some simple yet very effective skills and tools to help you navigate this world leading with your heart and letting go of what is holding you back.

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Meditation Therapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Anxiety, worry and chronic stress can be extremely debilitating affecting not just your emotional state but also the health and wellbeing of your body as well as the ability to find purpose and meaning in life.
Meditation therapy will teach you how to relax deeply and feel safe allowing your nervous system to restore, this will allow the mind and body to rejuvenate and heal .

If would like to learn how to quickly and effectively switch off the stress response allowing you to manage life's challenges with a calm, clear head, building resilience and reconnecting to what is really important to you, so that you can regain some control and begin to enjoy your life again.
We would like to offer you a space where you can feel safe, secure and well understood as you explore your inner world and release all that is holding you back, we are here to be your guide.

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Yoga - for all levels

Come and join us in our beautiful Mitcham Studio with views of the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges.
This is safe place to explore yoga without judgement and working at your own level.
Our Classical Yoga classes include deep relaxation, warming up, limbering and classical yoga postures, practicing mindful breathing and meditation.

Build strength & stamina, Improve balance and flexibility, Become more mindful and learn how to relax deeply

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Who doesn’t want to feel great?

If you had the choice wouldn’t you choose to feel like you were really engaged in life, energized, vibrant, resilient and just happy?

Would you like to face lifes challenges with ease?

Follow your heart and do what is important to you?

Do you wish you could sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed to meet the challenges of your day with resilience and ease?

Would you love to deepen those important relationships and find a way to be with them with openness, acceptance and joy?

So lets address the “Elephant in the Room” –  Stress!!!

Did you know that stress is becoming an epidemic in our society? And that chronic stress makes us emotionally Sad, our bodies Sick and our minds Stupid i.e. we often make really poor decisions and go into overwhelm when we are stressed?

The Women’s Health Survey 2018 spoke to 15,000 women from across Australia and found:

  • 9 per cent of women felt nervous, anxious or on edge on several days or more in the last four weeks
  • 1 per cent reported that a doctor or a psychologist had diagnosed them with depression or anxiety
  • 3 per cent of women reported that they didn’t get time to themselves on a weekly basis

Here at Perfectly balanced life we are providing an alternative, a safe warm environment,  everything we do here is to combat the stress epidemic, easily and effectively.

What we offer to combat Chronic stress and Empower extraordinary life enhancing change is:

  • Individual consultations which can include:
    • Meditation Therapy
    • Mindfulness therapy,
    • Clinical Hypnotherapy,
    • Freedom from Anxiety Coaching
    • Energetic Hypnotherapy
    • Mindset coaching
    • Meditation & Mindfulness Courses
    • Health and Wellness Coaching
    • Purpose and Abundance Coaching
    • Reconnective Healing
  • Group classes incorporating Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Regular 4 week Mindfulness Introductory Courses
  • Regular group workshops for stress management incorporating modalities of Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnotherapy & Mindset
  • Workplace programs - Group Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and self hypnotherapy sessions and workshops
Pond in the Healing garden at Natural Pathways

Meditation Therapy therapy what is it?

Meditation therapy will help you to relax deeply and feel safe allowing your mind and body to restore, rejuvenate and heal.
With Meditation Therapy you will have the opportunity to understand what cause stress, anxiety, phobias and depression, what is happening in the mind and the body and how this is affecting your emotional state and keeping you in a cycle of fear and unhappiness.

And more importantly you learn simple and yet extremely effective techniques and tools to transform the anxiety and stress to peace, stillness, resilience, purpose, contentment and joy.

We dive deep into what is most important to you and then help you connect with your inner wisdom and align your every day experience to your best life.

You will learn about what is holding you back in your life and how to easily and effectively release whatever is no longer serving you.

We explore varies meditation, mindfulness, self worth, self compassion, relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy techniques depending on your specific needs.
You will learn how to simply integrate these strategies into you life so you can experience real relief and begin to grow resilience to enable you to face any challenges that may come your way and to help you enjoy the good times more fully.

Hypnotherapy what is it?

Hypnotherapy uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance.

Clinical hypnosis deliberately induces an altered state of awareness. Once the mind is in a focussed and sometimes relaxed state, any therapeutic suggestions given can have great effect on attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. The way that this occurs isn’t fully understood.

The brain has different levels of consciousness, or awareness, ranging from fully alert to drowsy to fully asleep, with variations in between. Hypnotic states occur naturally and spontaneously

Hypnotherapy uses the minds natural ability and resources to alleviate pain and suffering  and remove emotional blockages and limiting beliefs that get in the way from achieving what your heart longs for in your life. Whether it is to feel more confident, manage your weight, reduce your stress or anxiety, alleviate chronic pain  or overcoming limiting addictions or phobias.

Hypnosis is not a new modality of treatment. Hypnosis has had a variety of names and has been used for millennia as a means of influencing human behaviour. Therapeutic suggestion and concentration have been practised throughout the history as we have sought to recognise and treat discomfort, disorder and disease.

There is more than just anecdotal evidence that Hypnotherapy works the British Psychological Society commissioned a working group to survey the evidence and write a formal report in 2001. They found "Enough studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy."

We use Hypnotherapy to help with:

  • Pain Management
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Building Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Improving Relationships
  • and so much more

Pain and Hypnotherapy

There is also growing evidence that hypnotherapy can help you manage Pain both chronic and acute.

Studies suggest that it may be more effective than other psychological treatments, such as supportive counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy alone, physical therapy or educational programs for cancer pain, low-back pain, arthritis pain and other chronic pain conditions.

FAQ for Hypnotherapy

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Mindfulness what is it?

Most people don't realise that mindfulness is a natural intrinsic ability that everyone has. In fact most people will be relatively mindful for approximately up to 50% of the time, this of course will differ from person to person.

Mindfulness is basically our ability to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, sensations in our body and what is going on around us at any given time. When we are paying attention to the present moment we are not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. With practice we begin to feel better, mindfulness does this by making the fight or flight part of our brain less reactive

Learning to be more mindful has many benefits, we learn how to be kinder toward ourselves as opposed to being critical or judgmental also research has shown benefits such as:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression
  • Increases our ability to be more resilient when we experience challenges
  • Enhances our ability to focus for longer, improving memory
  • Improves our performance when studying and working
  • Improving our relationships in both our personal and professional lives
  • It has also been shown to improve our overall well being

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